Many people know the beauty of Alaska. Many people tend to visit Alaska via a cruise. But, many don’t get to see the little details of Alaska or the unusual characteristics of Alaska.

I had the privilege of visiting Alaska when I was 15 years old via car. I then was able to visit it again in 2018 when I bicycled down from the top to Washington state border.

Due to this close encounter with this beautiful state, I have compiled a few items that makes Alaska special. Some, I am sure you probably have heard of, others, I am sure you probably have not heard of! Here are some unique things to do in Alaska.

Unique Things to Do in Alaska’s Outdoors

Prudhoe Bay/Dead Horse

This is the most Northern point in Alaska that you can get to by road and a unique thing to do in Alaska. There isn’t much to see as it is mainly factories and industrial buildings. However, it is the top of Alaska and you get to see this bay.

This is the starting point for the bicycle trip south or the end point if you are journeying north. It is a pretty cool thing to say you have been to the northern most point of the United States that you can get to by road.

Denali National Park

This is one of the major attractions of Alaska, but it is still worth mentioning because it offers a lot more than the tall mountain that has the same name. There are a few campgrounds, but what Denali is known for is it’s beautiful and bountiful wild camping spots. You just have to register with the rangers and take an instructional class before receiving the back-country permit.

For a unique campground that is kind of like back-country camping, but in an organized site is called Wonder Lake. There is only one road that goes into Denali. Most of this road is actually only permitted official vehicles of the National Park.

You have to make a reservation in advance because this site is so popular! It is very beautiful and you have great views of the nature around! Based on all of this, it makes it on the list of a unique thing to do in Alaska.

Denali Highway

This highway isn’t in Denali National Park, so it is one of our unique things to do in Alaska, but close to it. It isn’t a paved road, but worth the trip through as it offers beautiful scenery as well as quaint inns and lodges to enjoy the views.

If you are going by car, you will need 4-wheel drive or a car that can make it’s way through gravel and mud. When I rode my bicycle through, it was very rainy and mucky.

You can also rent 4-wheelers to drive through as well.

There are a few lodges along the road that will enable you to feel like you are in a cabin in the woods. The scenery is the best in Alaska, in my opinion.

Take some ferries

There are so many islands off the mainland of Alaska. Take a ferry to explore the cost lines as well as these small islands. On some, you are allowed to camp- wild or established, or just hike around.

One nice island to visit holds the town of Ketchikan. This town has some Native American totem poles and gold-digging history.

Glacier Bay National Park

Another beautiful park to visit and a unique thing to do in Alaska, Glacier Bay is close to Juneau and one needs to take a boat to get over there.

True to it’s name, there are many glaciers around. This is a popular visit by people in the cruise ships. Obviously, you need to board a smaller boat to see the glaciers.

Unique Things to Do in Alaska on Special Occasions

Dog sledding/race

In the winter, dog sledding is a very big attraction for tourists and locals. There is a race held annually that has international competitors race for the prize. Visitors can also take dog sled rides through the snow. In the summer, visitors can still see the dogs and pet them.

Aurora Lights

This is one of the most unique things to do in Alaska. This happens around March and September every year. The lights fill the sky with greens, reds, blues, etc.

Reservations are usually best due to the weather conditions and planning purposes.

Dalton Highway (Artic Circle)

This is the road that leads up to Dead Horse. Lots of people drive from Fairbanks to the Dalton Highway to the Artic Circle. They don’t go all the way to Prudhoe Bay.

The Artic Circle is when the “artic” starts. The Earth has two polar caps and the area around the polar points is called circles. Not to go into too much science, there is a nice sign that says when you enter.


I don’t refer to the animal! This little town is one of the first towns you come across when crossing from Canada to Alaska. When I first went, this was a small town. Nothing much, but a gas station, a souvenir shop, and a small cafe.

What stuck out to me was the outhouses for tourists. They read “chicken poop.”

Now, Chicken is a bit more of an established town, but I am glad I saw the more rustic version!

I hope you are able to see and explore more in depth these amazing sites in Alaska! Alaska is truly marvelous!

Have you seen some of these? Have you been to Alaska? Let me know in the comments!