Pole dancing

Traveling is about going outside your comfort zone. I believe I wrote in another post that at this point, being settled is outside my comfort zone since I have traveled so much- it is what I know. I love doing outside the box things and outside the box fitness is no different.

Another thing that is familiar to me is working out. From running to skiing to swimming, I try to be as fit as I can. Of course, the obvious bicycle trips, but those are special cases haha.

When I am actively traveling (not cycling as the whole trip is fitness focused), moving from hostel to hostel, I find having time to work out is very difficult. I can’t justify taking 2 hours to run, stretch, shower, etc. away from seeing cultural things or eating yummy foods! Plus, I feel like I walk so much when I am touring around.

However, running does give another perspective to the city. I am a big believer in getting lost as a way to learn more about the place you are visiting. Running is for sure an easy way of getting lost.

I have seen so many cool street arts and stumbled upon random local events due to my wanderings.

However, what running doesn’t give you is meeting locals unless you join a running group or somehow start talking to someone on your run.

I went to visit my cousin in Ontario when I was studying at university. When she was at work, I went for a run. I ran into some people that were part of her running group. I forget now, but somehow I told them I was her cousin and they treated me to coffee. That was super nice!

Besides Running

For awhile, I have been interested in aerial yoga. This is those silk cloths from the ceiling and one does tricks in them. You often see it in the circus. I knew some people who did it in Argentina.

I found a studio who did it in Montreal, but this fitness studio also did other circus fitness such as aerial hoops and pole dancing so I tried all of them, but fell in love with pole dancing.

It was definitely outside of my comfort zone. First, the reputation is not the best to the rest of society. Second, when seeing the more advanced dancers- it is intimidating. But, as I soon found out- everyone is really open and accepting.

It is true what they say that pole dancing is a great workout. It works different muscles and cardio if you do more dancing rather than technique.

Saw this posted from my studio! Awesome!

You go at your own pace. In this sport, everyone has their own journey. There is no secret formula. It also went outside my comfort zone because most of practice is in a sports bra and shorts. That’s a lot of body showing. But, nope, people don’t care your size or if you have shaved. As long as you try your best- that’s all that matters! It is a great vibe.

But what is really great, is that I have met several lovely women (and men) at my studio.

If you are looking to expand your activities and meet new people, definitely give pole dancing a chance!

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