The Start

skiing at Solitude

When talking of skiing at Solitude, let me tell you it was my first ski resort in Utah. We stayed in one of the suburbs in the South of Salt Lake City to be closer to where the bus stop is to get to the resort.


skiing at Solitude

Due to the skinny windy road up to the resort, my dad didn’t want to risk the driving in the snow and ice. Especially after our spin out from Big Sky. Plus dealing with parking. So, we went with the public transportation. Skiing at Solitude resort comes with offers like free transportation with their pass or via the Ikon pass.

Just like the other resorts, you can go straight to the chairlifts and scan on. You can keep the pass in your pocket.

For the bus, you have to scan off and on. If you forget to scan off, like I did, it doesn’t really matter since it is free for us. However, it only is accepted in the computer once every so often, so no sharing passes as one bus driver said to a couple who was trying just that.

The ending station is called Midvale Fort Union Station. The bus to get to Solitude is 972.

Set Up

skiing at Solitude

Solitude is smaller than the other resorts I have been at, but there are still a fair amount of runs you can enjoy skiing at Solitude. I found that the skiing is more for intermediate to advanced skiers, but there are a few beginner slopes.

There are 2 sections of Solitude. The first stop with the bus is where one should get off to go skiing as the next stop is for all the timeshares. There is a free shuttle that takes you between the two stops if you do get lost like we did!

You have to pay for a locker as well. There are 3 sizes with different prices set for the whole day and you can go in and out of it. You can pay with a card and type in your own pin so you can remember. They do not like people leaving their bags around. They will take it somewhere, I forget where, but be prepared for this!

The Environment

skiing at Solitude

Our day while skiing at Solitude was a bit gray and cloudy. It was hard to see the snow and it was a bit chilly. But the snow was lovely. The powder was amazing and I have not had much practice with that much powder so I had fun learning and growing.

I also realized that in my whole life, I haven’t skied very much so I became proud of my level of being intermediate and getting down black diamonds (ungracefully), but without falling.

Near the bottom of the hill, there is a resort (not apart of the “village”) and we had lunch there. Once again, more chili! Chili is definitely a warm filling meal for a long day of skiing.

Even though it is a smaller resort, we didn’t have to wait very long for chairlifts. Though, we were skiing at Solitude during the week instead of the weekend, which helps.

Moving Forward

I am not sure if I will go skiing at Solitude again. There are so many slopes and I didn’t have a connection with it like I did the other resorts. Perhaps it was the weather. I am not going to say never, but I want to try new places!

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