Food during the Dalton Highway was a concern and for the rest of this trip. During the Transamerican route we passed through a town or some sort of store pretty much every day so it wasn’t really necessary.

However, on the Dalton we went 7 days without a town, fresh food, or shower.

We changed things up a bit after the Dalton, but not by much because weight and size are still a factor.

If you are curious about what our food supply was/is, here is what we ate:

Food on a Bicycle: Breakfast


Peanut butter

Mustard/mayo (random packets we were given or found etc)

~one time it was really cold so we made instant soup as well

Breakfast shake drink – Carnation brand, add water and dry milk

》 Lunch and Dinner were similar. We just had another item than we did for lunch.《

Food on a Bicycle: Lunch/Dinner



Mac N Cheese

Hamburger Helper mix

~Sometimes we add the dry milk or we just mix the seasoning directly into the pasta

Knorr Rice packets


~We mer a French guy in Fairbanks and he said he rought 15 kilos of cheese with him for his back country trip. How French is that? 😂 We also met someone else who precooks sausages and that French guy said he was bringing hot dogs. We took these ideas.

Pepperoni sausage stick

Cheese- aged or extremely hard cheese to withstand the non-frigeration

Extra spaghetti noodles to add to the rice and other pasta dishes

Idahoan Instant Potatos

~ We also sometimes added the dry milk to this

Veggie chips/trail mix

~ Sometimes the trail mix would have some sort of chocolate in them so we would be eating melted chocolate with our ramen or potatos haha 🤣

Food on a Bicycle: Snacks and Drinks

Lots of Clif bars or Luna bars!

~ Sometimes 2 a day depending on how hard the terrain is and how big breakfast was

Trail mix

Flavored powdered drinks to add to our water

Final thoughts for Food on a Bicycle

It all worked out pretty good except it isnt all that healthy.

The Carnation breakfast drinks are alright, we arent too sure what they add to our day haha.

Bagels really filled us up versus the tortillas for breakfast. They are bulky, but light and not that squashable.

The Hamburger Helper mix doesnt require milk like Mac and Cheese.

The veggie chips are a great addition.