Here is a list and picture of the items I am bringing on this bike trip:

In this pannier:


I have:


One towel, one rain and wind jacket, one long sleeve button down camping shirt, one long sleeve, two shirts, one tank top, 3 socks, 2 bike shorts, 1 bike underwear, 2 spots bras, an assortment of regular undergarments, 2 shorts, 1 long pants, 1 capri pants

Most of my clothes are athletic, meaning polyester quick dry.

I am also bringing:


A pair of plastic flip flops (Disney, because I’m a huge fan) and some hiking/walking shoes.

As for sleeping, I have a sleeping bag with a sleeping bag liner and a sleeping pad. Dad is carrying the tent for the nights we decide to camp. The yellow bag is a water proof bag that I will attach onto the bike.


For miscellaneous and toiletries:


My helmet, gloves (bought at Home Depot, so not official biking, but was suggested on other biking sites), chamois butt’r (to protect against chaffing), and the two bars of soap in the bottom right? Those are from Lush store and are bars of soap of shampoo and conditioner. My cousin recommended it to me and I can’t wait to try them- instead of carrying around bottles. Of course I’ll have a normal bar of soap and as you can see tooth brush and paste, etc. I’ll write a separate post for female specific toiletries.

Not pictured are all the technology we are bringing. Dad is bring a tablet with keyboard and we have our phones. We also have cameras and four transportable power banks (they charge your electronics through USB).

Everything seems to fit in the bags we have. We are prepared to buy and ditch as needed.