Before heading off from Williamsburg, Dad and I rode our bikes from our motel in Williamsburg to Yorktown and back (May 31st). Yorktown is the official start of the path- at the Victory monument.


This monument is for the last (basically) battle of the American Revolution that was fought in Yorktown. Yorktown also has some Civil War sites along with Revolutionary ones.

We dipped our back wheels in the water and when we get to Oregon we will dip our front. From coast to coast!



From Yorktown to Williamsburg it is about 13 miles. We managed to get lost so it took us longer than 26 round trip, but we got it!

The path takes you through colonial Williamsburg, which is a mini town in Williamsburg set in the colonial period. People who live and work there dress from that time period and no modern technology is allowed (besides those with the tourists). It was very interesting to ride through. The path is the Colonial Parkway, which is a nice road with few cars. It passes through some awesome scenery.

Also, our map told us to stop in the visitor center in Yorktown to sign a book saying we are embarking on this bike trip or if you arrived from the West. It’s now official!

Update/edit/clarification- This is technically our first day of the bike trip, but since we didn’t have our bags, still had a rental car, and returned to the same spot, I count June 1st as our official start day.