Here we are, a new year and a new adventure!

To be fair, this adventure is actually broken into 2 parts.

First part:

Starting January 4th I will no longer have a Prague address and I will be traveling Southern Europe for a bit.

Stay tuned for posts on Italy, Portugal (brand new country for me!), and Spain.

I will be back in Prague for 2 days before starting my Second part:

I will be heading to mainland China for 17 days. I am very excited for this opportunity as it will be a very different experience than what I have had this past year and half. It is further challenging as many major social media sites are not allowed.

From here, I will be hoping over to Hong Kong and then onto the Philippines where I plan spending most of my time in Asia. There really is no end date or plan as of yet.

This being said, other countries like Thailand or Vietnam or even further south to Australia or New Zealand might lure me! Who knows!

I am truly looking forward to going with the flow again after having a structured routine life these past months.

I will miss Europe and all the friends I have here, but a change of pace is needed and Asia is the perfect spot.

I have been trying to downsize my backpack and we shall see if I was successful…I don’t believe it’s more than what I arrived with….. fingers crossed!


New Years in Wenceslauss Square, Prague, Czech Republic