Due to our late flight, we booked a hotel near the airport, but the next day we went to our hostel, Phoneix. If you read my last Shanghai post, you will know that I had a friend stay here and liked it so that’s why we went here.

We landed in Pudong airport, which is pretty far out of the city and getting a taxi from there to the hostel would have been more than just getting a hotel for a night.

We did a lot of shopping. M was using Shanghai as a time to get a bunch of souvenirs and gifts.

We went to Qibao and Tianzifang for her gifts as well as the Bazaar near Yuyuan gardens. I too bought some gifts.

The Bazaar accepts card, but most places only accept cash or payments through the phone: Ali pay or WeChat pay.

But for the phone options, you need a Chinese bank account.

M was really looking at saving cash because she was leaving soon and didn’t want to withdraw or exchange more. I as well as saving cash for the same reasons even though I had more time left.

Other than shopping, there isn’t much to tell. For a more comprehensive list on what to see in Shanghai besides reading through my long post on my prior stay:

The Bund

Shanghai museum

Starbucks roastery

Biggest Starbucks in the world. It is located near West Nanjing metro stop.



French Concession

Propaganda poster museum

Jewish museum: Ohel Moishe Synagogue and Jewish Refugee

There are 3 buildings. The first one isn’t that great as it just gives a short overview on the Holocaust focusing on Anne Frank. The next two buildings behind are better with relevant information on the Jewish refugees in Shanghai. Fun fact: Shanghai accepted the most refugees in all the world during World War II. I highly recommend this museum.

Jade Buddha Temple

Zhujiajiao water town

Radisson restaurant sky bar (free)

East Nanjing street

Yuyuan garden and Bazaar

Duolun Road Cultural Street

-Old Film Cafe

Cute street and cute cafe. The cafe is a bit expensive, but that is to be expected. The road is short, but decent shops and architecture. I recommend when you have nothing else to do since it is a bit out of the way.

There is not much to tell about this time in Shanghai. Here are some photos of my time this visit.

I hope you enjoy Shanghai!