This packing trip was a bit more difficult than I have done in the past. On my gap year, I knew I would be going to university in the fall and for the most part I would be avoiding winter. Spring and fall wardrobe are about the same.

This time I’m heading straight for winter with no end time planned. I decided to pack some fall and winter items and buy the rest when I get settled if needed.

Here are a list of items I brought, it is not all of it:

Pair of sandals
Pair of flip flops
Pair of boots
Pair of sneakers

2 jeans- one skinny and one regular
2 tights- one for running and one nice
1 dress
3 shorts- running, sleeping, lounging, etc.
2 Capri tights- for running, but also layers
1 multi-use such as a skirt or shirt

Bathing suit since Hungary has thermal baths and regular swimming
3 long sleeves- 2 running and 1 regular
1 T shirt
1 button down long sleeve

1 ski jacket
1 fall jacket/water resistant

Laptop and nook
3 travel books on the countries I’m going to for sure
1 quick dry towel
1 umbrella
Toiletries and make up (few)- I’m still using lush shampoo soap bars, I highly recommend it!
Jewelry (few)
A scruba- a laundry wash bag, very great!

That’s pretty much it!