9 Hidden Gems in the Czech Republic

Everyone knows Prague, but do you know the other wonders of the Czech Republic? Here are some day trips and some weekend trips you can do while visiting these must see places in Czech Republic and Prague.


Why Go:

This is the second biggest city and one of the must see places in Czech Republic. It is charming and has different hidden gems such as bars, cafes, and parks that people can really absorb Czech culture. Unlike touristy Prague, Brno offers visitors more insight into the Czech Republic.

Some sites to see are:

  • Underground cellars from the old medieval markets
  • Petrov chruch
  • A beautiful Minorist church
  • Try some wine from the area
  • Two phallic symbols in the city- one is a clock and the other is a huge horse statue. Czech are very proud of these statues and find them funny.

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

It isn’t a day trip, but perhaps a decent weekend trip!

Konopiste (Con-o-pish-tay)

Why Go?

Konopiste is also one of the must see places in Czech Republic as it is known for its castle. It is a beautiful one in the middle of some woods. The last and most famous owner was Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was killed in Sarajevo and it sparked World War one.

It is a bit creepy in the sense that he loved hunting and all his “trophies” are hanging around the walls. If you are a big animal rights activities- this might not be the place for you!

However, the architecture is amazing and the castle has an interesting history.

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

This is an easy day trip from Prague.

Kutna Hora

Why Go?

Kutna Hora is a town that is known for having a chapel full of skulls. These skulls were from those who died during the Black Plauge and were re-discovered in the 1800s. An 1800s artist decided to make the skulls into a memorial art piece. Because they are positioned to be art, it isn’t as creepy as it could be.

This chapel is called Sedlec Ossuary.

Some other sites:

  • It is a big mining town and you can explore the mines as well
  • The cathedral is dedicated to the saint protector of miners and is beautiful

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

This town is very doable as a day trip from Prague.

Cesky Krumlov (Chess-Key Crum-Luv)

Why Go?

The prettiest village ever! and hence falls in my list of must see places in Czech Republic It is very fairy-tale-like and worth the trip. The views of the village are amazing on a clear summer day. I didn’t go in the winter, but I have a feeling that the snow would have made it amazing too.

There are 3 parts to Cesky:

  • The castle
  • The part surrounded by the river (Old Town) and the river itself which the locals enjoy immensely
  • The park and synagogue

There are 2 views of the city:

  • At the castle, which offers views of the town
  • By the bus “station,” which is really just a parking lot, but the view is off to the side and offers the whole town including the castle

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

It can be a day trip from Prague or on the way from Austria to Prague as a small detour.


Why Go?

Plzen or Pilsen is home to the Czech Republic’s most famous beer- Pilsner! They also own brands like Kozel, another Czech classic. This town is beautiful, but the biggest attraction is the brewery. The brewery tour is about 100 minutes

Some additional sites include:

  • Main square and park
  • Europe’s second largest synagogue

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

Plzen is a good easy day trip from Prague.

Melnik (Me-el-nik)

Why Go?

The old town is very classic European and you can wander the streets peacefully absorbing some small town Czech life.

There are two big sites to see here:

The confluence- convergence of 2 major Czech rivers

The church which offers nice views from the bell tower. The church also offers a cellar full of bones, but it was closed when I went.

Other things to check out:

  • Melnik also has some wine and there are a few places that serve it in the town.
  • There is also a castle, but you need a big group to see it as they won’t give tours to just one person.

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

This is one of the closer day trips and doesn’t take most of the day to see.

Karlovy Vary

Why Go?

This town is known for it’s thermal waters and hot springs. There is a river walk and along it has different water fountains to try the hot springs (at different temperatures). Make sure to bring a cup!

Since it is more of a spa resort town, there are numerous hotels, one being the Grandhotel Pupp.

Here are some other sites to see:

Becherovka museum which is the home to a popular Czech alcohol that isn’t beer! Learn more about the history of this alcohol as well as the Czech Republic and get to sample a few shots. The tour is 45 minutes.

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

There are other hikes to do in the area and one could spend a few days here, but it is a good day trip in general. It is also nice that the main attraction isn’t a church or castle since there are so many in Europe!

Karlstejn (Karls-stein)

Why Go

Karlstejn holds another well-known castle.

Some sites to see are:

  • The old town is situated just below the castle and offers lots of tourist shops and yummy bakeries.

Day or Weekend Trip?

It is very much a day trip.

This is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic and falls in the list of my must see places in Czech Republic. It is charming and has different hidden gems such as bars, cafes, and parks that people can really absorb Czech culture. Unlike touristy Prague, Brno offers visitors more insight into the Czech Republic.


Why Go

The Czech Republic’s concentration village and camp is here at Terezin. Many of the Jews during World War Two were shuffled to this town and non-Jews who lived in this town where told to leave. Once in the town, the Jews were restricted from leaving and some were even sent to a camp next door, which used to be an old fortress back in medieval times, to be killed or used for hard labor.

This is a harder day trip to process due to the gravity of what has passed here. The town is still a working town today, but many buildings hold museums or exhibits in memory of the history.

Day Trip or Weekend Trip?

This is a very long day trip. Make sure to get here earlier in the morning.

Check out my personal experiences in Karlstejn and Terezin here!

Hidden Gems!

I hope you got more insight into the must see places in Czech Republic outside Prague! They are for sure worth the visit if you have time!

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16 thoughts on “9 Hidden Gems in the Czech Republic

  1. I LOVE hidden gems, and you did a great job finding them. The mines and catacombs from the market look so interesting. And I am a sucker for castles, too. I always think of Prague, but these places are off the beaten path and interesting. Such a fun list!

  2. I have got soooooo much to do in Czechia. I have done Praha but I found that to be a huge tourist trap despite the beautiful buildings and amazing river bridges. I have done Brno, wasn’t too impressed with the place to be honest but things may have changed as I went there 13 years ago. 😀 I only been to Kunta Hora (for the church of bones) and Ostrava (beautiful city in the east of the country). Looks like I need to go back and check out more places. 🙂

  3. Wow! You have described all the hidden famous places to travel in Czech Republic. I never heard of few places before reading your blog, Like I have never heard about Kutna Hora that has a chapel full of skulls those who died during the Black Plauge and were re-discovered in the 1800s. You have mentioned very nicely about Konopiste, Brno, Cesky Krumlov and more in your blog. I would love to be there very soon.

  4. I visited Prague and I was really disappointed that I couldn’t visit Karlovy Vary. The thermal baths just sound so fun. It’s good to know that it’s probably just a day trip. You’ve put together such a good list. To be honest I hadn’t heard of many of them! I’m looking forward to planning a trip to the Czech Republic.

  5. I have not been to Czech Republic yet, so I obviously haven´t seen either Prague or other places there. I would love to visit though since I know it is a beautiful country and I have some friends over there. My family loves old buildings, historical sites and especially castles. Mu husband is a history freak and would go crazy here. Hopefully we get to go soon!

  6. I visited Prague and Cesky Krumlov in August 2019 and totally fell in love with Czech Republic. Melnik looks like Cesky. Brno and Konopiste looks very interesting. I would love to return to Czech Republic to explore more.

  7. Wow! Czech is indeed filled with some amazing gems. I was just chatting with my friend to plan a long-weekend trip to Brno. Happy to know that some of these places can be done as a day-trip from Prague. That’s easier. Terezin is very intriguing. I should read your other blogpost about it.

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