The Big 5 Christmas Markets in Prague

I enjoy Prague in the Christmas season. Yes, it is cold, but the lights are out and I find the people more friendly than the rest of the year as everyone has the holiday spirit.

There are also several Czech traditions are Christmas time such as St. Nicholas’ day where people dress as a devil or angel.

Here are the big and major Christmas markets in Prague. There are some smaller ones, but you can’t go wrong with just these ones:

Old Town Square

It’s in the very center! Most public transportation drops off around there and so you can walk to it from any of them. It holds mainly food, but you can find some souvenir stuff.

  • Trdelnik
  • Anything off the grill
  • Hot drinks
  • Langose

You can time it right with seeing the Astronomical clock go off every hour.

christmas markets in prague

Namesti Republiky (Republic Square)

The metro and tram/bus stop is the name as this square. The market is split into two. One is in front of the mall (Palladium) and the other is across the street on the “other side” of the UniCredit bank. This side usually holds a farmers’ market every so often when it is not Christmas season.

St. Wenceslas square

This is the other very central square in Prague, it is definitely the biggest with Old Town at one end and the National Museum (still under construction) at the other. You might recognize this name from the English Christmas song.

The major transportation stops for this are Mustek and Muzeum.

Inside the Castle

Within the castle’s walls is a small market. My favorite stall is the chocolate/almond stand. They sell real hot chocolate and different flavors of chocolate covered almonds- I love the chili!

Make a tourist trip out of it by touring the castle during the day and after visiting the market.

Namesti Miru (Peace Square)

The transportation stop is of the same name- the metro station has a really long and deep escalator and is basically a tourist attraction as more and more people are stopping to take selfies here. There is also a beautiful church in this square.

You can also get off at I.P. Pavlova (rings familiar with Pavlov’s dogs?) and walk there.

It is pretty split between food and souvenir stalls.