I am familiar with 2 visas for the Czech Republic- Canadian Working Holiday Visa and the USA’s Work Visa. I hope this brief overview helps with your visa decision. My suggestion is to always check with the proper sites for official information.

Canadian Working Holiday Visa:

-There is an age restriction on this visa, I think it’s 18 to 30 years old

  1. You can mail in your application, but it has to be to the Czech embassy in Ottawa, Canada
  2. They only accept visas from a Canadian address
  3. The process is no more than 60 days, it can be as fast as 20 days
  4. The typical application, bank letters, but one doesn’t need a place to stay prior nor Czech insurance prior. One just has to sign a form saying they would get health insurance
  5. You also need to go to the foreign police, within 3 days of entering the country (see below)

– Before going to the police, make sure to get your housing figured out as they want you to have a form signed by ANYONE in charge of the building so like the manager or the company and doesn’t have to be the owner, but most owners are used to the regular work visa and will still give you that letter. Luckily, the police accepts this letter.

-You also need to figure out your private health insurance for your visa length before the police. One can use Uniqa, which covers all over Schengen area for basic cover, and more specifics in Czech.

Working Visa for USA and Canadians:

-For Canadians, the only difference is that you need a police background check prior, Americans don’t.

  1. Have an appointment outside the Czech Republic such as Brussels or Warsaw.
  2. Not only do you need the paperwork- visa form, bank letters saying you have enough money, you also need an address already with a signed letter from the OWNER of the apartment acknowledging he or she has a foreigner

-You will also need private health insurance to get your visa and then once you get it you need to start paying into the public healthcare of the state

  1. The process takes about 3 months meaning you will overstay your Schengen tourist visa if you apply while in Europe. Most of my friends stayed due to their apartment and finding jobs and nothing happened to them, but that is your risk.
  2. The visa is issued, but the extensions are easy to get if you wish to keep staying.
  3. Once you get your visa, you need to register with the foreign police (please see below)


Foreign police tips:

Now, for any foreigner, you are supposed to register with the police within 3 days of arrival. Most cases, the hotel or hostel does it for you. But, not only did I have to do that in general, we had to do it specifically for our visas (any visas).

Forewarning, the foreign police don’t speak English and it is best to take a translator or Czech friend with you.

We went in total, 3 times. The first was to meet the 3 day rule. Most cases, in Prague, they are very flexible with the 3 days, but I didn’t want to risk getting fined.

The first officer was not very happy and told me to fill out a piece of paper saying I came on time otherwise I would be fined and that I needed to come back in another 3 days. He also told me some things to bring the next time.

Also, go in the afternoon. My Czech friend and I waited for about 10 minutes in the afternoon. We went in the morning one day and we waited an hour.

There are companies in Prague that help with this visa process, some also help with the apartment/flat search.

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