New Year of 2018 certainly wrapped up my last year with a bang- figuratively and literally.

This was my last big event as a resident of Prague. I had a few days left, but it was all centered on packing and last minute things.

Czechs love their fireworks and from the morning, random fireworks were being exploded left and right.

For many years, the city run fireworks are done from Letna Park. Here are some places you can see it, from what I have heard:

-Old Town Square

-Riegrovy Sady

-Vitkov Park

Basically any high point.

We read that you will be able to see the fireworks in St. Wenceslauss Square, but we couldn’t due to the buildings being too high; however, this was no problem.

We got to the square around 10:15pm/22:15 and people were lighting fireworks. There was non-stop shows all the way past midnight and into the New Year.


We thought more people would be drinking in the streets as it is allowed, but we found there wasn’t that many.

Fireworks, sparklers, loud explosion types, etc. were all around.

There was no big countdown or anything and I got lucky by going to take a picture with my phone and seeing it was midnight.

We stood in the middle of the square and; therefore, had fireworks all around us. It was like being in a movie scene where the lights or fireworks is exploding all around the main character and the camera is slowly panning around them as they gaze about in wonder. It was pretty cool.


We were worried how crowded the trams would be to go back to my apartment, but many people stayed to watch more fireworks or to enjoy the nightlife.

This being said, there were many groups of stags (guys) walking around with a gait and style that indicated that they were ready to hit those clubs and bars. It made for good entertainment to spot them in the crowd while we waited for midnight.

It was also funny that we saw many of these groups, but barely any groups of ladies- perhaps they were still at home getting their outfit done?

I can’t comment on New Year’s eve nightlife specifically in Prague, but I do know that Prague has an abundance of nightlife options and prices are decent. Public transportation is available 24/7.

January 1st is celebrated as the day Czech Republic (and Slovakia) got their independence or became a republic in 1918. This year was the 100th anniversary and they also had fireworks that evening as well.

I’m not sure if that is every year, but something to look into.

I recommend Prague as a destination for New Years! It was definitely a nice close to my time here :)