A day trip to Cesky Krumlov

I’ve heard many good things about mystical and fairytale-like Cesky Krumlov. The pictures on Google definitely made me want to go along with many good experiences.

And true to everything, this small town in the South West of the Czech Republic, did not disappoint.


I took a day trip with a friend, S, from Prague. We took the 7:20 bus from the bus station and arrived, a bit late, to Cesky around 11 (should have been 10:15). We didn’t buy a return ticket because we thought we could at the station; however, after asking our bus driver, we booked return tickets online through our phone, which was a good thing because there was no actual bus station, just a parking lot.

We spent the whole day wandering around the small streets and through the castle. The view from the castle was incredible, but the view near the bus station was my favorite.

img_20170729_170501.jpgIn my opinion, there are 3 parts of Cesky. There is the castle part, the middle part that is surrounded by the river, and the third part holds a park and a synagogue.

The river was very active. It was a beautiful day and people were in boats, sunbathing, drinking, and enjoying in general.


We took the 17/5 pm bus back to Prague. It was a great day and well worth the trip!



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