I am by no means a love or relationships on the road expert. And I want my blog to be more travel related, but I feel like relationships while traveling and love are part of travel and perhaps it’s worth talking about relatiosnhips on the Road.

Relationships while traveling , especially long periods of time. You meet many people. And due to this traveling bond, you tend to grow close with them even after a short period of time.

You might even find someone you really like. Some are fortunate that they just continue relationships while traveling together while others do flights seeing each other every several months. Or, they never see each other again.

I was able to experience the second option while I was working in Europe. And I have a few friends that have experienced the last option.

It was fun and lovely, but when I continued on to Asia, that was it.

The Internet and social media have made keeping in touch with people easier. I can communicate with family and friends every day and video call them whenever. Dating is the same. Messaging and calling every day is like being with them all the time….except it’s not. There are a lot of things you miss when not in person and just all through technology.

And sometimes technology makes the heartache worse. You go from communicating every day to nothing. You will see posts from them, which will make it even harder.

It’s definitely not easy and I applaud those who are able to do it. However, after having the experience, it was fun and exciting and each time we saw each other was like a honeymoon, but at the end of the day, you have to acknowledge the toll it takes on the relationship.

It is possible to have relationships while traveling. But my advice is to make sure both of you are on agreement at what the path looks like at the end of the day. Are you long term traveling and they will join you after a few months? Or are you gone just for a month and will be back? Or are they willing to wait for you for months or even move to wherever you are?

It’s a different dating path, meeting someone abroad, than meeting someone in your home community. By no means is it the same and there are more factors to consider for long term relationships.

Some travel with the expectations of just hook ups and nothing serious. Others travel with the expectation that it is a self trip and they will focus on themselves. But for some, it can hit you as a complete surprise as it did me.

I’ve come across many different types of travel and relationships while traveling in my life, but these past 2 years. They are definitely not all fairy tale movie endings.

I had some friends meet for a few days and then a month later, traveled a week together, and that was it. One of them, actually broke up with his long term girlfriend because he decided that traveling the world for a few years was his priority and he isn’t interested in anything serious at the moment. A cousin of mine and her husband traveled the world for many years without stopping and are still doing decent length trips. I knew a woman during study abroad who met a nice man from that country and after her graduation, moved to that country to be with him.

I don’t know if this has helped you, but I do hope it gives you another perspective.

My best advice and lesson I learned is to know what you want beforehand, or rather, know what you can handle if it is a fling or if you are more for the long term, etc.

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Relationships while traveling
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