I was able to guest post for Baby Got Balance. Please see the full article there!

Baby Got Balance had asked me if I would write something about traveling solo since she had many posts on traveling in groups and pairs. As I was thinking about it and I thought, I have lots of questions that I was asked over the years. Why not write them down? And my answers.

Here is a short synopsis. Please see the original article for more detail! All paragraphs in quotes are from the original article.

FAQs When Traveling solo

1. Aren’t you lonely?

“Not going to lie, it can be lonely coz traveling solo. But, the freedom I get to do what I want and to talk with whoever offsets those few moments.”

2. Do you travel differently as a woman?

Some things to keep in mind as a woman:

  • Accessibility to feminine hygiene product
  • Make-Up when it comes to cultural norms, weather, and packing
  • Jewelry when it comes to packing and calling attention to yourself
  • Clothes when it comes to cultural norms, weather, and packing

3. Isn’t it scary?

“There is always an element of fear. But, at the end of the day, if I let fear control me, I wouldn’t leave my house.”

4. No one wanted to come with you?

No, I didn’t ask anyone. “There is always an excuse NOT to do something. We have to find the excuse TO DO it.”

5. Maybe you will meet someone!

“Travel for the sake of traveling, for seeing the world and experiencing other cultures and if the right person comes along then it truly is a bonus. I have a post about it here.”

6. How did you decide on the places you go?

“I don’t really have a plan or idea as I go with my gut. I am a big believer in following your gut.”

Tips for On the Go

1. Be aware of your surroundings/Follow your gut when traveling solo

2. Don’t call attention to yourself

3. Travel light and wear your purse/backpack in front

3 Reasons Traveling solo is Cool

1. You can do what you want

2. You are more open to meeting people

3. You earn a lot of courage and confidence

“I hope this gives you more insight into why I travel solo and why I think it should be tried at least once. One of my friends that I mentioned earlier who has placed that mentor role on me, visited me in Europe and traveled backpacker style. It was her first time and she shared with me her thoughts, you can see it here. She was glad she tried it, even if it wasn’t solo, but she prefers the travel style of groups and well-organized tours. That’s totally fair and I am proud she gave it a try.”

Bonne voyage!

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