Idaho, forest to desert

Day 69- August 8 It's our rest day and we didn't want to bike at all. We ate a measly breakfast of leftover grapes and some pastries from the office. We lounged around then went into town for lunch. We walked around downtown, very nice, and picked a local sandwich shop called Doc. We got

Biking Montana

Day 63- August 2 We woke up early in Madison for a big day. We were going to bike 14 miles to West Yellowstone and have a big breakfast, all before 8.30......that didn't go as planned. Mainly due to the weather- it was super cold when we got up, which slowed us down. Then riding

Wyoming and the National Parks

Day 56- July 26 We ate breakfast at the hotel, which served hotel eggs and biscuits and gravy! And waited for the Cleveland man. He came to our room not prepared to ride 60ish miles. He told us that his vacation was suppose to end with meeting his wife in Yellowstone. However, things fell through

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