My first week of TEFL class

It was the first week of TEFL class! We are a group of 10 students- the seven from the flat/apartment and Is from the US, Mi, a world traveler, and Z from the Czech Republic. It is interesting to have a native Czech speaker in class. We call him our resident Czech expert. He has been in international schools his whole […]

Budapest to Prague

This week has been very busy. I said goodbye to one city and hello to another, which I plan on staying in for at least a month with my TEFL classes. That was the big thing of this week- finding a school. I was in contact with two schools and after visiting them, I decided on one allowing me to […]

Five days in Budapest

I am going to try to post about my travels at the end of the weekend, so during the weekend. Though I have not been in Europe for a week, it is Sunday. It has been completely amazing to be in Budapest and seeing my friend after such a long time. We met in a Spanish class in Spain when […]

What I brought to Europe

This packing trip was a bit more difficult than I have done in the past. On my gap year, I knew I would be going to university in the fall and for the most part I would be avoiding winter. Spring and fall wardrobe are about the same. This time I’m heading straight for winter with no end time planned. […]