There are so many Czech dishes and foods to try while you are visiting Prague or Czechia in general! Due to the history of the country, there are a lot of foods that originate from other places, but Czechs have added their own flavors and style, which means everything is worth trying! Here is a list of some of the must eats while touring Prague!

1- Goulash

Technically, goulash comes from Hungary, but Czechs and really, anyone, loves this stew! There is a lot of helping of meat and veggies! It definitely warms you up on a cold night.

2- Trdelnik

This also originates in Hungary, but you can find a version in Romania too. Each country makes it a bit different and having had it in each country, I recommend the Czech version! It is made over an open flame/coals and can be eaten with ice cream, Nutella, or plain.


Not typical, as they are usually more cinnamon brown, but still delicious! This was charcoal ice cream!

3- Dumplings

As someone who grew up with Asian dumplings, I was in for a surprise when I found this version was bread or potatoes and it is a side dish for most traditional Czech dishes. The thickness is great for sopping up the extra sauce! Though dumplings aren’t strictly Czech, they are more Eastern European.

4- Kulac

This is a cake like pastry and truly delicious! 

5- Svíčková na smetaně

This is a very traditional meal. It consist of meat in sauce with lemon, cranberries, and cream. It is served with bread and/or potato dumplings. Any traditional restaurant will serve it!

I was told 2nd day/leftovers are the best.

6- Pork Knee/Knuckle

Who doesn’t like slow cooked meat that just falls off the bone? This is it, and it will look like a knee or knuckle when it arrives on your plate.

7- Fried Cheese

Name kinda explains it I think!


7, 6, and 5 from top of the photo to the bottom, you can also see the dumplings with the bottom plate

I hope you go to Czech hungry, but leave absolutely satisfied! I know me and my visitors did!

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