Are you looking to visit Prague? Do you love eating some traditional foods and going to more local spots? After hosting many guests, I have enjoyed several restaurants that serve traditional Czech dishes for decent prices. Here is my Czech Restaurants in Prague list:

1- Smíchovské Vidličky a nože

In Prague 5, Andel

In this Czech restaurant, I highly recommend the homemade lemonade (with any fruit- I really like the raspberry). This restaurant is near businesses and some touristy spots, but since its hidden in buildings, only locals know it. Be sure to ask for an English menu!


2- Three pigs / U Tří Prasátek

In Prague 2, Vinohrady

This restaurant is hidden in a residential area; however, a lot of tourists go by due to the TV tower being close by. They are used to seeing foreigners, but they serve traditional Czech cuisine for Czech price. So, no over pricing! You can stop for lunch or dinner and keep traveling around to Old Town/Square before or after!


3- St. Philip and James Restaurant  / Restaurace U svatého Filipa a Jakuba

In Prague 5, Andel 

Another hidden restaurant that mainly serves locals and businessmen. It is more styled as a classic pub, but the atmosphere is very warm and though it is a small place, you don’t get the sense it is crowded. Prices are relatively cheap and lots of food. They also offer a wide selection of Czech dishes.


I wasn’t feeling very hungry this day, but cheese is part of the Czech diet!

4- Na Břežance

In Prague 2, Vinohrady

This is definitely a local haunt! Every time me and friends entered we would get looks. But don’t let that throw you, they are very friendly- just surprised to see foreigners. They offer lots of Czech dishes for a good price. 


5- Cafe Louvre

In Prague 1, touristy area of the city

Out of all the places, this is the only touristy place I recommend to eat at. It is a lovely place for brunch and though it is touristy, for the food and location, the prices are actually decent. Supposedly this is where Einstein and other famous people have eaten. It is located right in the center of town so you can still tour about after eating!


Restaurant tips for Prague:


1- A standard meal costs 170-250 per plate (as of 2018), not including drinks


2- If the beer is more than 45Kc, you are paying tourist price. Standard beer should be around 35-40 range for 500ml (as of 2018)


3- Boxes are usually extra




-The person who asks for the bill will receive it (they think you will pay it)

-If by paying in card (make sure they accept card first!) and you want to leave a tip on the card, tell the waiter

-10% seems to be the common theme for tips, but that’s up to you if you want to tip or not. It’s not like the USA where it is seriously frowned upon if you don’t.

-Ask for the bill only when everyone is finished with the meal and drinks

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