A Question for Canadians: What is Poutine?

I was able to write another guest post- this time for Chadvee Bite by Bite! Check out the full article there! All paragraphs in quotes are from the original article:

“Poutine! What is this about? This meal that really isn’t a meal that has taken the world by storm as a Canadian specialty. Is it really Canadian?”

“The basic ingredients of poutine are french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. On top of this, you can have a variety of meats and vegetables.”

“Though many do eat it sober, it usually is associated with a long night of drinking.”

“But where does it really come from?”


“And with the history of Quebec and Canada, Quebecois aren’t really happy poutine is now attributed to all of Canada rather than the French province.”

“Make sure to try poutine in Quebec even if you have had it before!”

“All poutines come in big sizes, its definitely share worthy! Or at least, come hungry!”

Places with Yummy Poutine

Here are five tasty spots in Montreal and one in Quebec City:

  • La Banquise
  • Belle Province
  • Dirty Dogz
  • Patati Patata
  • Poutineville
  • Chez Ashton- Quebec City

I hope this has appealed to your taste buds! Bienvenue au Quebec!

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